I started at the age of 8 playing drums in school. My mom and dad rented my first snare drum for me because they weren't sure I would stick with it. forty some years later I still love it. I played through high school( orchestra, jazz band, marching band, pit bands, and rock bands) and then college( jazz band and various rock bands) at Michigan State University and its then when I had the urge to write songs so I started playing acoustic guitar and a little piano.
After college I started playing full time for various traveling bands where I really toned my performing and writing skills and have since released 5 albums/CD's"Jericho", ‘Honey Rain","Jay Hudgins/Country", and one of my favorites " Crawling" . I recently finished my first orchestral, meditation composition called “Sounds Of Heaven”. I am now about to release my new project under a different label called JHSoundBreeze. This has been a fun project and really embodies a combination of music genres that I have admired over the years… Progressive Jazz, New Age House, Latin, and Progressive Dance music. I call it “World Beat”. Please look for JHSoundbreeze (World Beat ) coming out very soon here and all your streaming platforms. I will be releasing another pop album in 2024 with an 80’s progressive pop sound. I am about half way through this one.
“Crawling” was my first Christian CD and I narrowed down about 25 songs to put on the CD. These songs came to me in my daily morning quiet time with the Lord, that's why this CD is special because its not for me or from me-it's for God from the Holy Spirit. If you are not a Christian you might not understand that, but I pray that you will some day soon.
   It's a blessing to worship the Lord through song and on Sundays at my Church ( I get the privilege of doing it publicly playing Drums, Guitar and vocals at 3 different campuses wherever they need me and that is an indescribable joy.

My Professional music career has taken a back seat for the past several years as I have been Raising children and trying to be the best husband I can be to my beautiful wife Jamie who is definitely a gift from God. I have been working for an awesome company called US-Tech for the past several years where I am in the telecom business that's been booming and still booming. God has really blessed me with this job and I have learned a lot throughout the years about Digital and IP phone systems and Infrastructure as a field specialist and Sr. Project Manager.

 While still working for US Tech, I am very busy Serving at my church on the Worship Team, Small Group Ministry, Men's Ministry and Celebrate Recovery Ministry and The Landing. I am blessed to be a part of an awesome church who really loves to serve the community and is focused on helping the Community and the world know Jesus.

I am a faithful believer in Jesus Christ and love spreading the GOOD NEWS so contact me if you want to know more about having a personal relationship with Him. Click Liveforever tab to see how.

Serve others and God Bless.